News 5 June 2021

Artist sells invisible sculpture for nearly £13,000

5 June 2021

An artist has sold an invisible sculpture for nearly £13,000 according to reports.

Italian artist Salvatore Garau sold his sculpture named Lo Sono, which is Italian for I Am, for €15,000 and listed a set of strict rules for the buyer to follow.

The sculpture must be kept in a private room away from obstructions, displayed on an area that 5 foot long and 5 foot wide.

The rules add that lighting controls are optional.

On the invisible work of art, Garau said according to Italy24News, “The vacuum is nothing more than a space full of energy, and even if we empty it and there is nothing left, according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, that ‘nothing’ has a weight. Therefore, it has energy that is condensed and transformed into particles, that is, into us.

“The successful outcome of the auction testifies to an irrefutable fact. The void is nothing but a space full of energy, and even if we empty it and nothing remains, according to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle that nothingness has a weight.

“It therefore has energy that condenses and transforms itself into particles, in short, in us! When I decide to “exhibit” an immaterial sculpture in a given space, that space will concentrate a certain quantity and density of thoughts in a precise point, creating a sculpture that from my title alone will take the most varied forms. After all, don’t we give shape to a God we have never seen?”

This new sculpture comes after Garau’s Buddha in contemplation art which was unveiled in Milan last February.

Like this new release, the sculpture was invisible. The accompanying note read, “(the sculptures) have a new historical value and represent a perfect metaphor of our days.”

The note added that the work “is completely invisible and cannot, therefore, be reproduced on the network. Not to mention that Garau’s intangible works have zero environmental impact.”

(Image Credit: Matthieu Comoy