News 13 September 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

A$AP Rocky is being sued for $100k

Author Marisa Lee
13 September 2016

In a week where it was revealed Nelly owes the Government over $2mil and Desiigner was arrested, A$AP Rocky joins the list of rappers who’re in trouble with Uncle Sam.

The rapper is being sued for $100,000 by his former landlord and is facing a lawsuit, after he allegedly heavily damaged his New York City apartment before he moved out.

According to TMZ, Rocky supposedly told his landlord that he’d be changing the apartment while living there, but he agreed to restore the place back to it’s original condition before moving out. But he didn’t.

His landlord is now claiming that Rocky left the apartment in a “heavily damaged state”, having destroyed a walk-in wardrobe and turning it into a studio. He also took out a custom chandelier and CCTV camera as well as damaging a bathroom.

Let’s hope his landlord isn’t the same as ours