News 14 July 2016
Author: Cam Donald

ASDA place Pokémon GO safety rules as people go too far in shops

Author Cam Donald
14 July 2016

Supermarket chain ASDA has put in some pretty funny rules to ensure that regular customers are safe from distracted Pokémon trainers.

People have reportedly been leaving their trollies to wander aimlessly down the shop aisles, glued to their phones, trying to expand their Pokedex on newly released app Pokémon GO.

At a shop in  Manchester, signs reading, “Please keep your Pikachu on a lead at all times” and “You’re welcome to use the in-store WIFI to catch ’em all” have been put up in their aisles.

A spokesperson for Asda said recently addressed their newfound popularity as a Pokémon Go gym: “We all want our customers to enjoy finding a Pikachu at the pizza counter, or a Jigglypuff a George, but we acknowledge that there have been some concerns about the distractions caused by the game.”

The guidelines include:

  1. There are enough Pokémon for everyone – no running in the stores to be the first to catch one
  2. Celebrate respectfully – shouting “YESSS” at the fish counter may unnerve people
  3. Help is on hand – customer service colleagues will be on hand to offer safe directions around stores if you need assistance in safely locating a Pokémon
  4. Eyes up – please be mindful of fellow shoppers and be aware of your surroundings
  5. All children must be accompanied by  a parent or guardian and should not engage strangers (that’s a very serious one please, folks)
  6. Everyone is welcome to use the in-store WIFI – please don’t run up huge bills on our account
  7. Please refrain from abandoning trolleys while catching Pokémon
  8. If any Pikachu are found in our stores then please let customer services know and we’ll congratulate you over the tannoy
  9. Gym etiquette – when training in our stores which are Poke gyms, feel free to use our store cafes to train in comfort
  10. Please keep your Pikachu on a lead at all times

Words: @CamJohnst0n