News 30 January 2022

Ashley Walters Teases ‘Top Boy’ Season 4 Announcement

30 January 2022

Ashley Walters has teased a brand-new update about the highly-anticipated return of Top Boy.

The gritty crime drama has increased in popularity over the years and fans have been awaiting season 4 following the delays due to Covid in the past few years.

New episodes were expected to drop in 2020 but production was shut down due to the pandemic. However, since then, it was announced in December 2020 that filming was up and running again.

It appears that the new season may now be wrapped and ready to drop following a post shared by Ashley Walters, who plays Dushane in the hit series.

Ashley took to Twitter and simply shared a photo of an unfinished billboard of his face, with a brief glimpse of the word “Top” underneath.

The all-star cast of the series is expected to return for season 4 including Ashley Walters himself, as well as co-stars Kano, Micheal Ward and Little Simz, while Drake has continued working as executive producer of the show.

(Photo credit: Netflix)