News 24 January 2021

Asia’s ‘equivalent of El Chapo’ arrested for running drug company worth £62 billion a year

24 January 2021

Notorious drug lord Tse Chi Lop has been arrested in Amsterdam.

The 56-year-old Canadian national with roots in China is said to be the head of a drug market worth over £62 billion ($72 billion).

The man who was one of the world’s most wanted fugitives was detained at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and will likely be extradited to Australia.

Australian authorities estimate that Tse Chi Lop was responsible for 70 per cent of the drugs that entered Australia.

Tse Chi Lop has been likened to Mexico’s El Chapo due to his crimes and the police tracked the drug lord for over a decade.

In a statement, the police said, “He was already on the most-wanted list and he was detained based on intelligence we received.”

Born in China, Tse Chi Lop is believed to have lived in Macau, Toronto, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

His criminal enterprise named The Company was one of the biggest in the world.

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