News 17 April 2019

‘Assassin’s Creed’ Could Be Used To Help Reconstruct The Notre-Dame Cathedral

17 April 2019

As planning begins to reconstruct the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, it has been reported an Assassin’s Creed game may play a vital role in the efforts.

On Monday (April 15), a fire broke out at the historic landmark where its roof and spire collapsed. While the cause of the fire hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, it’s believed renovation work may have played a part in the incident.

Since the blaze, French President Emmanuel Macron has promised to rebuild the cathedral and it looks like the 2014 game, Assassin’s Creed Unity, could be involved in the process.

Set in eighteenth-century Paris, the game featured realistic depictions of life in the French capital at the time and its attention to detail – including its accurate display of the Notre-Dame Cathedral – received praise following its release.

According to The Verge, the computer artists behind the game spent two years working on the virtual depiction and even made sure the cathedral’s individual bricks were placed correctly.

The French publisher Ubisoft allegedly still holds the original 3D models and photos of the landmark and such documents could prove useful in the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

However, official plans for the rebuilding of the Notre-Dame Cathedral are yet to be announced and Ubisoft has not commented on the recent reports regarding Assassin’s Creed.