#The Ghetts Down News 18 August 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

The Ghetts Down ends next Tuesday… Find out how to enter here!

Author Marisa Lee
18 August 2016

Do you want to win a studio session with Ghetts? GRM Daily have teamed up with Netflix to bring you the ultimate competition for you to record a track with the man himself.

Netflix’s brand new original series The Get Down follows the birth of Hip-Hop in New York’s Bronx, so we’ve made an exclusive hip-hop beat for you to spit over.

Download it here, spit your best bars over it on your phone or laptop, and then upload it to Twitter or Instagram @GRMDaily with the hashtag #TheGhettsDown.

If you win, you’ll win a session with Ghetts at a state of the art studio, where he’ll mentor you as you record the full track.

You’ve got until Tuesday 23rd of August to enter, so get recording to be in with a chance to learn from the best.

Read the terms and conditions here before you send us your entry!