Videos 11 April 2018
Author: Aaron Rattu

Aystar puts Liverpool on the map with his latest video “Don’t Listen”

Author Aaron Rattu
11 April 2018

Liverpool emcee Aystar is back on the scene and in doing so, has released his new single “Don’t Listen” accompanied with some high quality, scenic visuals.

It may be surprising to some to hear that Aystar has been around for a number of years now, dating way back to 2012, where he dropped his very own Uncut freestyle exclusively on GRM Daily. This time, though, with “Don’t Listen”, Aystar returns in a much more mature manner as he seeks to put his city on the map.

London is most certainly the hub for all things rap in the country, however, it cannot be forgotten that many other cities in the UK pack heat, with numerous artists boasting immense talent. Being a proud representative of Liverpool his whole career, Aystar has had numerous videos on the P110 platform as well as a string of music videos he has released across various platforms throughout the years.

On “Don’t Listen” we see Aystar flexing in an apartment as he talks about his city, explaining how it is a place that should not be underestimated. Aside from his scouse accent, Aystar also brings with him some unique flows, laced over a punchy beat.

Check out Aystar in his latest video “Don’t Listen” above.