Exclusives Interviews 21 April 2023
Author: Aaron Adade

GRM Exclusive: Backroad Gee Talks Launch Of New Exclusive Puma RS 3.0’s At Footasylum, New Music & More

21 April 2023
backroad gee

BackRoad Gee remains one of the UK’s most notorious, exciting and unique artists. His musical style pays homage to his Congolese heritage as well as his London upbringing, with tracks like “My Family”, “Nyege Lewa” and “Party Popper” meshing together various cultural elements. 

For his latest collaboration, BackRoad Gee has joined forces with PUMA for the release of their new RS3.0 sneaker which will be available exclusively at Footasylum. The new trainer silhouette is made with closed mesh upper suede and tumble leather overlays and uses RS Technology.

In his latest interview with GRM Daily, The Congolese Gee joined us to talk about PUMA’s latest silhouette, his dream musical collaborations, his creative process and more. 

When did you know you wanted to be an artist, and when was the moment you genuinely believed that you could make a serious career out of it?
I believe when I was ten. I didn’t really understand but I knew I wanted in and when “Party Popper” dropped, I saw the people mess with it differently.

What genre of music and what artists did you listen to growing up?
With me it wasn’t just one you know. One day you’ll be listening to UB40, next day Koffi Olomide so I can literally say every genre.

What does music mean to you?
In one word? A LOT!

You have a very unique sound – is that something you intentionally did to stand out?
Of course they have to know it’s me from the jump – it’s only right don’t you think?

You’ve worked with some notable artists so far from Ghetts to JME, NSG etc – is there someone you haven’t worked with yet that you see yourself doing a madness with on a track?

What’s your creative process when you’re coming up with new songs?
I can’t lie it changes every season it really depends on how I’m really feeling at the time – I might write a song with no beat and find the beat later it all really matters how I feel.

What are your thoughts on the RS3.0 sneakers?
One of my favourite Puma sneakers are the RS’s and the RS3. They are hard, proper comfortable.

How would you describe your own style?

What would you style the RS3.0 sneaker with?
Blue jeans, white tee – got to be flashy white tee and a bad boy jacket!

Is there a particular highlight for you since being a PUMA ambassador?
Everything really, the people I’ve met at Puma are my peoples. I’m very thankful for the opportunities and it’s actually been crazy.

When you’re not in the studio or performing at shows what do you like to do?
I like being alone and relaxing so I can find peace and cooking

Musically, what are your plans for this year?
Going to drop a new tape this year and many more things I can’t talk about but you’ll see soon…

The new RS3.0 PUMA sneaker is available now exclusively at Footasylum.