News 18 November 2020

Bandcamp introduces new live streaming feature ‘Bandcamp Live’

18 November 2020

Bandcamp, the online platform where musicians can create their own online shop to promote and sell their music and merchandise, has launched ‘Bandcamp Live’ – a live streaming service that makes performing and communicating with their fans easier for artists.

‘Bandcamp Live’ is user friendly, so even if an artist has never set up or performed on a livestream before it’s very simple to do as it’s completely integrated with the rest of Bandcamp.

There are an array of advantages to the new live streaming feature. When an artist announces a show, their fans will be alerted immediately, tickets are easy to buy, and new customers will become followers of the artists on Bandcamp. Customers will have the option to join a mailing list as well.

Another element of the latest streaming feature is that through a virtual merchandise table that will appear right next to the stream, allowing customers to purchase music and merch while they watch the live stream.

Bandcamp has said that they will take a 10 percent fee from ticket sales, offering fully transparent pricing, but will postpone their share until March 31, 2021.

“When the pandemic eliminated a major source of musicians’ income, we immediately began working on ways to help the artists and labels on Bandcamp, without whom we would not exist,” said the platform’s founder Ethan Diamond.

“Bandcamp Live is the next step in our effort to help our community thrive during this crazy time. Streaming will never replace the experience of in-person performances, but we believe it’s the next best thing, and will provide artists with a powerful tool to build and connect with their fans both now, and when Covid is behind us and we’re all out enjoying the magic of live music once again.”