News Videos 4 April 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Was Banksy caught on camera in Bethlehem?

Author Trudy Barry
4 April 2017

He may just look like some random skinny guy to you, but this may actually be one of the most prolific and high profile street artists of all time. Yeah, it’s Banksy… probably.

A woman has uploaded video footage she took in an Israeli shopping mall where Banksy is setting up his latest exhibition. She began filming after seeing an English name on the mall’s guestbook and guessing the famously anonymous artist might be inside.

Speaking about the spotting the woman explained, “the mall opens at 10am but if you need to be there earlier you have to sign your name. What was really weird was that when I came in and I had to sign my name, I noticed an English name and said to the security guard ‘who is that?’ He said it was an artist from England.”

Watch the video below where the man (Banksy?) is shocked by spotting the camera, freezing briefly before covering his face.

UPDATE: It was later revealed that the alleged Banksy spotting was actually English-Israeli artist, named James Ame, aka Ame72.