News 1 February 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

This toddler found something mad in her chocolate bunny

Author Trudy Barry
1 February 2017

A toddler in Nottingham has found a battery inside a chocolate Easter bunny from the Co-op.

The battery was found by three year old Sophia Wood who had been bought the sweet treat by her mum, Tammy Dundon. The girl bit into the bunny and discovered the single cell battery (like a watch battery) “rattling around” inside the hollow bunny. Luckily, her mum intervened before Sophia could accidentally swallow the tiny battery, which had no branding and was simply labeled “AG3”.

Co-op has immediately recalled the chocolates from all 2800 branches of their stores across the country, fearing that the misplaced electrical could be part of a “deadly sabotage attempt”.

Tammy description of the event highlights just how dangerous it could have been for her daughter. Speaking to the Metro, she said, “I’ve heard kids have died from eating them. They can get stuck in the oesophagus or can be corrosive. She got some Smarties rabbits before Christmas that have little Smarties inside – she thought the battery was a sweetie.”

This isn’t the first time the Co-op has had food tampered with, just before Christmas the supermarket chain had to recall their chocolate Santas for containing random objects as well. The police have launched an investigation on the incident.

Considering this has happened on more than one occasion, the whole thing does seem pretty suss. Who’s trying to sabotage Co-op, man? Is it Tesco?