News 8 September 2015
Author: Krishma

BBC are joining the world of music streaming services!

Author Krishma
8 September 2015

BBC are planning to launch their own music streaming service. They want it to be known as a new music discovery service.

The director-general Tony Hall explained how the streaming service would work. “We have developed a digital music proposal with the music industry, which builds on BBC Music’s Playlister, It would make the 50,000 tracks the BBC broadcasts every month available to listen online, for a limited period.”

Playlists will be curated by the BBC, then if there is any music the public personally want to hear, they can also create their own playlists. The music will be based on recorded tracks and even live sessions, which have featured on BBC’s TV and radio stations.

Tony Hall explained how BBC would differ from others as he said: “Our music product would be the only one in the market which would be fully open and integrated with other digital providers, users will be able to transfer playlists between digital music products, and access them after BBC availability has expired through third-party providers.”

BBC want their main focus to be on showcasing the best talent in the UK on a global scale, through this service.