News 16 March 2017

Twitter is remembering life before the internet & it’s jokes

16 March 2017

Nostalgia can be as equally beautiful as it is depressing. Today, people on Twitter have been answering what we used to do #BeforeTheInternetExisted. It wasn’t as bleak as many of you perhaps thought it to be. This topic certainly took us back!

Here are some of our favourite replies. Hope you enjoy.

Before Netflix and chill…

God bless the internet!

If you weren’t amazed when shown how to do this for the first time, you were probably using the internet already at this stage of your life lol.

One of the funniest responses of the day!

Ten toes, ten toes!

Remember being a kid having to watch Teletext whenever your team played on Sky Sports?

If we ever believe the diagnosis from Google, we’d all either be limbless or dead. Or both.

Internet or no internet, that breakfast is looking all tired *Suspect voice*

The good days!

For those of you too young to experience life before the internet and wondered how we survived…

The nostalgia got all too much for this young man.

Honestly, to this day, I don’t know why so many of you even argue with strangers online. Straight block and delete.

Last but not least, the award for the strangest memory #BeforeTheInternetExisted…