News 2 October 2020
Author: Courtney W

Listen To Berna’s Debut EP ‘Poor Little Rich Kid’

2 October 2020

After hitting us with some big singles over the years, Berna has now released his first ever EP in the form of Poor Little Rich Kid.

Since dropping his cold [email protected] freestyle back in 2016, Berna has established a name for himself with his sharp flows and bars and his effortless rapping abilities shine through on his debut project.

Poor Little Rich Kid contains 9 original tracks including the recently released “Da Zoo” and “Poppin'”, as well as brand-new material such as “Rollin'” and “B&B” and more.

“I know I been keeping all my supporters waiting for the longest but I’m gassed to finally announce that my EP “Poor Little Rich Kid” is dropping on Friday 2nd October,” Berna wrote on Instagram when he announced the project recently.

“You lot have been patient with me on my journey so it’s only right.”

Take in Poor Little Rich Kid below.