News 28 April 2016
Author: Sam

The 5 best #SkeptaForKelloggs tweets (so far)

Author Sam
28 April 2016

Words: @sjriptweets

We know from the man himself that Gucci is not for Skepta, but it turns out Britain’s favourite cereal brand apparently is.

On his Instagram, Skepta modelled his latest merch while laying into some Kellogg’s Frosties yesterday. Milk? Nar. That’s not Skep!


Going LIVE @ 6:16pm tonight. #Konnichiwa

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Clearly sharing the anticipation of many a GRM user, Kellogg’s responded to the free advertising (assuming Skeppy doesn’t have a cereal deal) by sharing the tweet… of the Insta post (confused yet?), adding #Konnichiwa.

And then, Skepta retweeted the share of his tweet. Which is kinda like a retweet-squared.

And that surprising bit of twitter-insta-love was the birth of #SkeptaforKelloggs, which, with a little help from the GRM team, has triggered some hilarious tweets since.

Here’s five of the best #SkeptaforKelloggs tweets we have seen.

And here’s our personal favourite.

Have you got any Grrrrrrrreat #SkeptaforKelloggs bars? If so, see if you can top these.