News 24 December 2016
Author: CJ

Your guide to Christmas Day TV

Author CJ
24 December 2016

We all know that Christmas day is seen by most as a day to enjoy good vibes with loved ones, while simultaneously going in for the kill on that turkey.  Nonetheless, when you’ve had enough of hearing your dad make corny dad-jokes or your granddad share details of how Christmas “used to be”, you start to get to a point in the day where a bit of TV time becomes golden.

As a result, we have broken down for you a list of things worth keeping an eye on for tomorrow, in case you need that much coveted time in front of the TV:

Queen’s Christmas Broadcast speech – BBC One and ITV, 3pm

OK this isn’t necessarily something that will get you running to your screen, and Lizzie certainly isn’t Leshurr, but it’s preeing this and seeing what Queen E has to say to the nation that makes Christmas so special.

The Great Christmas Bake Off – BBC One, 4.45pm

An era comes to an end, as Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood wrap up the final ever BBC Great British Bake Off. Eight former contestants are back to complete new challenges.

Gogglebox 2016 – Channel 4, 9pm

After today’s Christmas Eve Gogglesprogs special, the grown-ups switch things round and look back at the year’s biggest TV moments. Take time and drink mulled wine, watching people, watch people watch TV.

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EastEnders – BBC One, 9.30pm

It really isn’t Christmas unless something dramatic is happening on Albert Square. Even if you don’t watch soaps, it’s still worth switching into BBC One at 9.30 to see what’s popping off in East London’s most famous residency

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If the above shows aren’t quite enough for you, check out a list of films that are also being screened tomorrow (with some slightly more lively than others).

Frozen – BBC One, 3.10pm

The Artist – BBC Two, 2.25pm

Despicable Me 2 – ITV, 9.55am

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets – ITV 11.55am

The Lion King – ITV, 3.10pm

Love Actually – ITV, 11pm

It’s A Wonderful Life – Channel 4, 2.20pm

Home Alone – Channel 4, 6pm

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Scrooge – Channel 5, 11.50am

The Wizard Of Oz – Channel 5, 2.10pm

Singin’ In The Rain – Channel 5, 4.10pm