News 14 March 2020

Adidas & Beyoncé team up for more IVY Park collabs

14 March 2020

After a successful first run, Beyoncé and Adidas will come together once again to release more of Beyoncé’s IVY Park line.


During a conference, Kasper Rørsted, the CEO of Adidas said Beyoncé is “the most influential female entertainer in the world today” and added, “whether its footwear or apparel, we’ll continue to do launches throughout this year in both categories where Beyoncé will bring her inspiration, her creativity and her brand to the unique brand of adidas.” 


Initially launched as a joint venture between Beyoncé and the now-disgraced businessman Philip Green, the activewear line was sold in several stores like JD Sports and of course Topshop which Green owns.


When Philip Green was met with controversy following his handling of the liquidation of BHS and of course, the allegations of sexual misconduct and racism which he received, Beyoncé severed her business ties with Green and took IVY Park to Adidas.


IVY Park’s Adidas reincarnation was a spectacular event – as if the superstar would do anything less.


Influencers, other artists and models were sent mini wardrobes containing the collection and her designs took over social media timelines for months.


Fans, unfortunately, had a harder time getting their hands on the designs which sold out almost immediately.


Thanks to the colour palette of the clothes, some UK fans noticed that the IVY Park designs resembled the uniform worn by workers at the supermarket shop Sainsbury’s.


This, of course, led to a media storm and some hilarious memes.


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