News 19 January 2020

Beyoncé fans battle with Sainsbury’s over Ivy Park designs

19 January 2020

Beyoncé has just unveiled her new Ivy Park collection in association with Adidas and fans are going crazy on social media.

Among those buzzing along with the Beyhive are the people over at Sainsburys’ social media team who think that items in Beyoncé’s collection look a lot like the uniform worn by workers at the big supermarket.

Selling out in minutes, many spectators are comparing the orange and maroon/mauve colour palette to that of the uniform.

Picking up on the social media chatter, Sainsbury’s tweeted, “Repping since 1869” with the hashtag SainsBey.

The Beyhive were not impressed and have sent a plethora of tweets in a bid to sting the supermarket brand.

Check out some of the worst below.

The social media team clearly have a sense of humour and hit the fans back with some venom of their own. 

Beyoncé’s new line is available online and ranges between £21.95 and £169.95.

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