News 1 June 2022
Author: Andra

Big Narstie Stands By Nemiah Fletchman In Heartwarming ‘Good Morning Britain’ Moment 

1 June 2022

Big Narstie stood by Nemiah Fletchman nd made it official to the entire nation in a heartwarming moment on Good Morning Britain

Interviewed by Charlotte Hawkins and Richard Madeley, Big Narstie appeared alongside the 22-year-old tennis player Nemiah Fletchman on the morning show and really made an impression on both the presenters and the audience, the latter then taking to Twitter to call it a “TV gold” moment. 

Big Narstie was touched by the Manchester athlete’s story, whose sports journey took an unexpected turn in 2019, when he was convicted for a drug-related charge at the age of 19.

At the time, Fletchman had ambitions of competing at Wimbledon and was amongst the top 10 best tennis players in his age group in the country. Unfortunately, his ambitions were crushed by the event, however, he is now receiving a second chance with help from Big Narstie. 

Big Narstie explained in the interview how he identifies with Fletchman’s story and recognises how important a second chance is for people to turn their life around, which is something that he himself needed to get to where he is today. 

Fletchman said that Big Nartie’s intervention truly changed his life and showed his gratitude for the artist and his chance of getting back in the game again. 

You can take in the heartwarming moment in a video put up on Good Morning Britain’s Twitter page below.