Videos 1 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Who is Big Sean sending for on his new song “No More Interviews”?

1 November 2016

Last night, Big Sean set the internet alight with the release of a brand new track, which he’s marked with intent and called “No More Interviews”.

The Detroit player holds nothing back, as he comments on everything from his famous ex girlfriends, to his deteriorating relationship with Kid Cudi.

He raps, “So many friends turn to enemies, they frenemies/ I don’t know why I act like I’m surprised or it’s offending me/ I’m saying, though, I should have learned from Hov and Dame/From Stunna and Wayne, Cudi and YE
What happened to our family ways, though?

“When I put you on that song with Nas, you had told me that you was forever grateful/ And that we brothers, so it hurt to hit the internet to find out that me and you don’t fuck with each other/ Over a miscommunication that probably could be fixed with a 5 minute conversation, I’m still praying.”

There was also a couple of loose subliminal shots, that some lsiteners are taking as shots at Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

No matter what, the song is HOT. Listen above and see for yourself.