News 9 May 2020

Billie Eilish says her Dad introduced her to J Hus & Not3s’ music

9 May 2020

At just 18 years old, Billie Eilish is one of the world’s most loved artists and the singer has recently expanded her repertoire to include DJ talents. 

Billie has just started an Apple Music radio show on Beats 1 with her Dad where they play tracks that he introduced her to – with the first two being “Did You See” by J Hus and Not3s’ “Addison Lee”.

On ‘me & dad radio’, Billie discussed the tracks in detail, expressed her admiration for both artists and even treated listeners to her own rendition of the tracks. 

The multiple-time Grammy Award-winner describes “Did You See” as one of her “favourite songs” and says that she has been “playing it for years” and she even has a go at using UK slang thanks to Not3s’ inspiration.

Billie says, “My Dad has introduced me to some of my favourite songs ever. I really wanted to show the world that a lot of my taste comes from stuff my Dad has shown me over the years.”

She also adds, “I love J Hus, he was like the first of the UK rappers that I was introduced to thanks to my Dad.”

The two also go on to describe their love for the instrumental which was produced by Jae5. 

Billie’s Dad says he discovered the track by listening to BBC Radio 1 playlists. He then sent the track to his daughter via text. 

On Not3s’ “Addison Lee”, Billie said, “This was my first introduction to Not3s, Not3s with a three, the homie. Dad didn’t know what an Addison Lee was. Dad didn’t even realise it was a car. Dad said, ‘peng ting, cold medicine, cold medicine. I love Not3s, he’s a sweetheart too”. 

Billie’s Dad adds, “For those of you who don’t know, ‘peng ting’ is a hot number, a hot girl”. 

Listen to the Beats 1 Radio show here and for more news from another Grammy Award-winning artist, take in some new music from Kanye West.