News 28 January 2021

Children’s Books By Black British Authors To Be Given To Every Primary School In England

28 January 2021

In a bid to increase diversity in literature , an anthology of children’s books by Black British authors will be given to every primary school in England.

Titled Happy Here, the anthology of books – which will be published in August – is aimed at children aged 5 and older and will include works from authors such as Yomi Sode, Clare Weze, Dean Atta and more.

The organisations behind the project are reading charity BookTrust, publisher Knights Of, and charity Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). 

In a press release from the project’s creators, it is said that BookTrust will provide a copy of the anthology to every primary school in England. CLPE will also “create and distribute free curriculum resources”.

Director of children’s books at BookTrust – Jill Coleman – said: “Happy Here is going to thrill and inspire children in families and schools across the country and we want to make sure it is read by thousands of children.

“We are proud to be working with Knights Of and CLPE as part of our effort to drive a long-term, sustainable increase in the diversity of voices published in children’s literature.”

Aimee Felone, co-founder of Knights Of, said: “Being able to commission work that has no motive other than to amplify, uplift and celebrate what it means to exist in the UK today as black British is liberating for our team.

“Each and every author and illustrator has focused not on the trauma or hardship of their existence, which is too often highlighted in children’s fiction, but the experience and possibility of happiness for their characters.”