News 8 June 2017

Blazin’ Squad’s streaming numbers are doing a madness

8 June 2017

Remember your favourite British millennial boy band Blazin’ Squad? Of course you do! 

Well, lucky for you, they have just gained a wider audience no thanks to former member Marcel Somerville who has joined the reality show Love Island.

Needless to say everyone is baffed and slyly gassed that a member of Blazin’ Squad has shown up on a celebrity dating show, and it seems to be jogging people’s memories. It’s been reported that Blazin’ Squad’s Spotify streams are up 2500% since Marcel has been taking part in the ITV show. Can’t lie it’s been making us quite nostalgic too.

So as the other lads sit back and let those PRS cheques come in, lets reminisce on some of their bangers…

There’s that classic Bone Thugz cover, and lets appreciate those shirts.. 

A tune to get you ready for the weekend?

And the inevitable slow jam for the ladies…