News 24 January 2019
Author: Nic Coaker

BlocBoy JB sues ‘Fortnite’ over the use of Shoot dance

Author Nic Coaker
24 January 2019

BlocBoy JB is in the process of suing the creators of popularvideo game Fortnite claiming that they copied his signature dance moves. 

The very popular “Shoot” dance move has been taking over social media over the past few months with many picking it up from Fortnite, however BlocBoy JB is now suing Epic Games for copying the dance move seen in his “Shoot” music video. According to reports, the gaming creators used the dance without asking for permission and renamed the dance move, calling it “Hype”. Blocboy JB is now said to registering the dance under copyright laws. 

In order to sue Epic Games for copyright infringement, Blocky is required to prove that he either originated the dance or made it popular. He also has to demonstrate that the dance is long enough to be given copyright, which in any other case is given to full routines only. 

However, this isn’t the first time that Epic Games have been sued by an artist. In early December 2018, 2 Milly also filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the company, after the used his “Milly Rock” dance without permission.

As well as this, Alfonso Ribeiro, also known as Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air also filed a case for the use of the “Carlton Dance”.