News 6 September 2023

Mother of Blueface says he & his baby mum Chrisean Rock are related

6 September 2023

Blueface, the rapper known for his hits and controversial moments, has found himself embroiled in a bizarre family claim made by his own mother, Karlissa Saffold.

She recently suggested that he and the mother of his newborn, Chrisean Rock, might be related, potentially even cousins.

Her reasoning behind this startling claim centres around the shared surname of Chrisean’s mother, which she says is Dorsey. She asserts that there are individuals with the last name Dorsey in her own family but does not specify who they are. Notably, neither Karlissa nor Blueface carries the Dorsey surname.

Karlissa humorously suggested conducting a DNA test to definitively determine the familial connection, but her conviction appears unwavering. While this theory is largely unfounded and unusual, it has nonetheless created a stir.

Blueface’s relationship with his mother has been publicly tumultuous, marked by disputes and disagreements, including an incident where he asked her and his sister to leave his residence. This recent claim adds another layer to their complicated history.

As of now, there is no substantiated evidence supporting the idea that Blueface and Chrisean Rock are related, and the validity of this familial connection remains uncertain.

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