News 2 March 2021

Boris Johnson Offers To Host All Euro 2020 Games In The UK This Summer

2 March 2021

Boris Johnson has confirmed he has offered to host more Euro 2020 games in the UK this year.

The tournament – which was postponed last summer due to the coronavirus pandemic – is scheduled to take place this summer across 12 countries, with the semi-finals and finals being hosted at Wembley.

Now, speaking to the sun the Prime Minister announced he would “certainly” welcome hosting more games here in the UK.

“We are hosting the Euros. We are hosting the semis and the final,” Johnson said.

“If there’s, you know, if they want any other matches that they want hosted, we’re certainly on for that but at the moment that’s where we are with UEFA.”

At current, UEFA intends on hosting the tournament in the 12 cities originally named as planned which include Rome, Dublin, Amsterdam, Baku and more.

England manager Gareth Southgate also believes the UK will be “well placed” to host the tournament this summer.

When asked about the effect hosting the tournament would have, Southgate told talkSPORT: “Obviously we have our group matches at Wembley anyway so we’re hugely looking forward to that.

“We’ve got our fingers crossed that we keep progressing as we are and there could be some fans back in the stadium. That would be the first step.

“Then everything else is a bit up in the air, really. Of course at the moment we’re being told the tournament will stay in its current format.

“You would imagine if there’s an option for one country to host, we’ll be well placed with a couple of other countries to be able to do that.

“But as a team we’ve got to remember that just hosting is not a great guarantee of success. There’s only France, really, that have done that in European Championships, hosted and won.

“You don’t win just because you’re the host. We won’t win just because our group matches are at Wembley. We’ve got to play well and we’ve got to be as prepared as we possibly can be.”

A final decision over the tournament’s format is expected to be made next month.