News 3 July 2020

Gyms To Re-Open In A ‘Couple Of Weeks’ Says Boris Johnson

3 July 2020

There’s finally some good news for gym rats as Boris Johnson has now given an update on when gyms will re-open.

The Prime Minister appeared on LBC this morning (July 3), saying: “We are going to reopen gyms as soon as we can do it in a Covid-secure way and I think that the date for reopening gyms at the moment, if we can do it, is in just a couple of weeks’ time.”

Although there is no set date for the re-opening of gyms at current, it’s definitely good news for those who have grown tired of working out at home since gyms were forced to close their doors in March following the outbreak of coronavirus.

The latest update on gyms comes after the government was recently criticised for announcing the re-opening of pubs and not re-opening establishments such as gyms which positively contribute to people’s mental and physical well-being.

Following the backlash, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport – Oliver Dowden – tweeted: “Many people keen to hit the gym & keeping Britain fit is key in Covid battle.

“We’ve made lots of progress & I know steps businesses have taken to make their spaces and equipment safe.

“Subject to public health, our aspiration is to reopen gyms & leisure facilities in mid-July.”

Now, in his interview on LBC, the Prime Minister himself has reinforced the government’s plans to get gym-goers back in the gym in a few weeks.