News 27 April 2020

Boris Johnson Returns To Work To Address The Nation In A Statement

27 April 2020

Just weeks after recovering from coronavirus, UK prime minister Boris Johnson has returned to work at Downing Street.

Upon his return, the prime minister addressed the nation in a statement, saying the UK is “now beginning to turn the tide” on the on the virus.

However, he warned that we should not “throw away all the effort and sacrifice” by easing lockdown measures too early.

Johnson said: “I ask you to contain your impatience, because I believe we are coming now to the end of the first phase of this conflict and in spite of all the suffering we have so nearly succeeded.

“If you can keep going in the way you have, if you can help protect the NHS, then I have no doubt we will together beat this.”

Boris Johnson’s return to work comes just weeks after he was admitted to intensive care due to his coronavirus symptoms. He spent one week in St Thomas’ Hospital in London, before being discharged and recovering for two weeks in his country retreat.

Now that he’s back at work, he is set to resume leading the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.