News 6 June 2017

Your break down of each party’s manifesto

6 June 2017

Hopefully by now, you have already registered to vote on June eighth, and with just a few days until the General Election, we’ve put together a few key points from each party on the topics of Brexit, Healthcare and Education.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of each parties manifesto, and we’ve tried to remain as politically neutral as possible, we encourage you to do your own homework, but find below a few points on some areas that are most likely to affect you. 

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A Labour government would Scrap the Brexit white paper and replace it with a new set of negotiating priorities and promise guarantee of rights for EU citizens living in Britain. Reject “no deal” with the European Union as a viable option.

Theresa May hasn’t hidden the fact that the Conservative Brexit strategy would see the UK leave the single market and customs union, and seek a “deep and special partnership” with the EU. Control immigration and secure the rights of EU nationals in the UK.

Liberal Democrats plan on holding a second referendum, with an option to stay in the EU. They will also push to protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens that are living abroad in Europe. They are also pro single market and customs union.

As you can imagine, UKIP’s Brexit strategy is no soft one. They demand an end to European influence in the UK. With no “divorce” payment to the EU, they hope to re-instate the blue passports. 

Just like the Lib Dems’, Co-leaders of The Green Party , Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley plan on holding a second referendum, with the option of staying in the EU. They pledge to immediately guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and would stay in the single market. 

Scotland’s SNP want a “seat at the table” for the Scottish government in Brexit negotiations and believe a second referendum should be held. They also pledge to protect Scotland’s place in the EU.

Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru, has pledged that Wales will be able to buy and sell to Europe without costly barriers, and will secure the money promised to Wales by the Leave campaign.

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One of Labour’s main pledges is to reverse the privatisation of our health services, and they promise to commit more than £30billion in extra funding over the next five years.

Conservatives plan to increase the NHS budget by £8bn over the next five years, and promise to build and upgrade mental health clinics and hospitals.

Tim Farron has pledged that Lib Dems’ will see a 1p rise on income tax to raise £6bn per year, which will be spent on the NHS and social care. They will ensure that the waiting time for mental health services match those in physical health care.

UKIP plan on providing an additional £9bn a year for the NHS England by 2021. They will also crack down on ineligible foreign nationals using the NHS services. 

The Green Party have pledged to undo privatisation of the NHS, meaning that health and dental services are free. They also plan on increasing mental health awareness.

SNP plan on maintaining free personal and nursing care in Scotland. They will also increase NHS spending across the UK by £11bn

Over the next decade, Plaid Cymru plan on training and recruiting 1000 doctors and 5000 nurses over the next decade, as well as saving “10,000” lives over 10 years by promoting healthier lifestyles.

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Jeremy Corbyn has announced
Labour’s plans on abolishing university tuition fees and will bring back maintenance grants and EMA (education maintenance allowance) for sixth formers.

The Conservatives will build 100 new free schools a year, and lift the ban on selective schools. They also plan on scrapping the Lib Dem “free school lunches” initiative.


Lib Dem’s appose the Conservatives grammar schools, plan on ending the 1% cap on teachers pay rises and will reinstate maintenance grants for poorest students.

Paul Nuttall has expressed UKIP’s plan on ending sex education in primary schools. And will abolish tuition fees for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths university students. They also plan on stopping student loans for EU nationals. 

The Green Party will scrap Sat exams, student debt and tuition fees. They will ensure that students attending university are able to get grants, and will also reinstate the education maintenance allowance.

SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon vows that there will be no selective grammar schools in Scotland, and will continue free university education.

Plaid Cmyru will provide incentives to students who remain or return to live and work in Wales. They will also provide free full time nursery places for 3 year olds.

So there you have it- the different parties views on a few key issues. Make sure you do your own research, and head to the polling stations on Thursday!