News 18 November 2019
Author: Alice Moodle

2 Chemistry Professors Charged For ‘Breaking Bad’-Like Meth Operation

18 November 2019

In true breaking bad style, two chemistry professors in the U.S have been arrested on suspicion of meth production.

Both Terry D Bateman, 45, and Bradley A Rowland, 40, are associate professors of chemistry at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia.

The pair were arrested and taken to jail on Friday after being charged in connection with the production of methamphetamine as well as using drug paraphernalia.
It’s still unclear if they have since been released.

The charges against Bateman and Rowland have been compared to the storyline of the popular 
Breaking Bad series in which fictional character Walter White – a chemistry teacher – becomes a drug lord in order to pay for his cancer treatment.

A spokesperson for the University said both Bateman and Rowland had been on administrative leave since 11 October. This is just three days after police investigated reports of a chemical smell in the campus’ science centre. Following this, a lab in the centre revealed a prominent presence of benzyl chloride, a substance which could be used to make meth.

The building was subsequently closed down and reopened nearly three weeks later, once the air had been filtered and the pair of professors arrested.