News 22 March 2017


22 March 2017


The police have corrected last night’s statement that there was five dead, stating that it is still in fact four as previously thought.

23:00 UPDATE

Police have confirmed that it is now five people that have been killed and at least 40 injured. Assistant deputy commissioner Mark Rowley named the police officer who died as Keith Palmer, a 48-year-old husband and father.

Donald Trump has pledged the “full cooperation and support of the United States government in responding to the attack and bringing those responsible to justice”.

18:29 UPDATE

17:59 UPDATE

Scotland Yard have released a statement:

– At least 20 people injured

– They currently believe there is only one terrorist but the investigation continues

– Four people have lost their lives including a woman, a policeman and the attacker

17:54 UPDATE

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has released a statement:

17:51 UPDATE

The French school children have been escorted out of the grounds safely

17:47 UPDATE

Sky have released footage of witnesses describing the scene

17:05 UPDATE

– A woman has been pulled alive from the river thames

– Up to three officers have been injured, one has been killed

– Two pedestrians have been killed

– At least one police officer was stabbed before the assailant was shot three times

– Sources at Westminster hospital have given us the following information:

2 x cardiac arrest
3 x serious patients
1 x stabbed (assuming that’s the officer)
1 x shot
3 x patients run over

– A group of French primary school have also been caught in the chaos, no injuries confirmed

16:57 UPDATE

– The Daily Mail have released an image of a man alleged to be the attacker being carried on a stretcher

GRM Daily

16:50 UPDATE

– A Junior doctor has confirmed that two people have died and multiple people are injured

– London is on lockdown, search points have been rolled out accross the city

– Parliament has been frozen and the London eye has been stopped

– Videos of police entering Westminster and opening fire on the suspect have been released

15:51 UPDATE

– BBC report that police have found a suspect vehicle outside parliament

– Area evacuations extending throughout the area

– One suspect still believed to be at large

15:45 UPDATE

– Events as they unfolded. Image released shows the sequence of events as they happened in Westminster:

GRM Daily

15:39 UPDATE

– Incident is officially being treated as a terrorist attack by police and special forces until they know otherwise

15:25 UPDATE

– Theresa May was spotted being bundled into car by plain clothes police officers as journalists told to stay inside and away from windows in Parliament

– Westminster Bridge and surrounding areas now completely clear of pedestrians 

GRM Daily

– Arial footage emerging of scene of car crash

15:19 UPDATE

– Reports are that a police officer has been stabbed and that there are still assailants being hunted by police.

– More than 8 people reported to be injured from car driving into passers by on Westminster bidge. Could be up to 10 injured

15:11 UPDATE 

– Video showing a car driving into 5 people on Westminster bridge has surfaced

15:07 UPDATE

What we know so far

– Eye witness claims man with knife seen in grounds of parliament

– Air Amblance landed in Parliament square

– Reports of a car driving into people on the bridge

– Alleged assailant shot by police

– 2 alleged gun shot victims

14:54 UPDATE

Preliminary reports are stating that shots have been fired outside the houses of parliament with two people having been shot and reports of a man with a knife.

Central London is descending into lockdown as at the time of writing an air ambulance is spotted landing in Parliament Square.

According to an update the reports started at 2:45pm with eye witnesses stating the police have shot a man with a knife who was in Parliament ground.

Stay tuned for updates as it happens – and stay safe.