News 23 January 2020
Author: Courtney W

Brexit Deal Officially Becomes UK Law

23 January 2020

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has officially become UK law after being signed off by the Queen earlier today (January 22).

The news was announced to MPs by Commons deputy speaker, Nigel Evans.

Formally titled as the Withdrawal Agreement Act, the new law means the UK is a step closer to leaving the EU on January 31st. The European Parliament are still yet to formalise the Brexit bill into international law.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had originally planned to leave the EU in October 2019, but was pushed back to this month after receiving complaints from MPs that they needed more time to review the agreement.

The official Brexit law comes just over three and a half years after the Brexit referendum, in which the majority of the electorate voted to leave the EU.

Commons deputy speaker Nigel Evans announced the news to MPs on Thursday afternoon.