News 7 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

BRIT Awards announce diverse new Voting Academy

7 November 2016

The BRIT Awards have announced they are drafting in 1,200 people from across the music industry, pulling in as many diverse music experts as they can.

There is in excess of 700 new invitees, with an increased representation of 17% BAME. It’s a move designed to refresh the current voting system and improve representation at the awards across the board.

Ged Doherty, BPI Chairman, said, “I’m really proud that we’ve taken firm action to refresh the Academy to ensure that it keeps up with trends in music and society at large. I believe that as a result of these changes the BRITs will be better equipped to reflect the diverse nature of Britain and British music. 

“There’s been a long-held myth that BRITs winners and nominees are decided by industry executives in a smoke-filled room,” he continued. “But the simple truth is that the awards are voted for each year by a 1000+ strong Voting Academy made up of experts drawn from all areas of music.”

The invitee list for the Academy is made up from all areas of music throughout the UK, ranging from artists to media, and members are invited on the basis of their music expertise and knowledge.

Voting for the BRIT Awards 2017 begins on Friday 9
th December and closes 13th December.