News 24 September 2019
Author: Courtney W

Brit Awards Reportedly Planning To Scrap Gender Categories In 2021

24 September 2019

The Brit Awards are set to make big changes to the way they distribute their prizes in the near future, according to reports.

Organisers of the Brits have said they will be making “significant changes” that would include “more music and some category changes” in 2021.

The statement from the Brit Awards comes days after the Sunday Times reported they were axing separate categories for male and female artists, which the Brits have since denied.

A spokesperson for the Brits told the BBC: “We can 100% confirm that there will be male and female awards in the UK and international categories in February 2020.”

The Brits have not yet revealed what changes to expect in 2021 but it is expected gendered categories will be abolished to accommodate non-binary musicians.

Previous awards ceremonies which have axed gendered categories include the Grammys and the MTV Movie Awards.