News 16 May 2017
Author: Rebecca Rose

This is what Britain would look like if Labour are elected

16 May 2017

Today is the day the Labour Party revealed their manifesto to the UK, a document which informs the public of the policies and objectives the party would roll out if elected on June eighth.

There’s always a huge hype around a party’s manifesto release, but with the country so divided politically at the moment, there seemed to be that little extra anticipation on what Corbyn and co would be presenting today.

So what exactly would Labour have in store for us if elected? Well, the first massive thing they have put on the table is the scrapping of uni fees. Labour have promised that there would be nothing to pay for anyone who wishes to receive a university education, as well stating that they would also re-introduce maintenance grants. Free university education for everyone compared to the stupidly high £9,000, almost sounds too good to be true.

Also promised was an extra £30bn to help save our NHS, a service which we should never ever take for granted. There is a general move towards nationalising industries in the manifesto, these include railways and energy systems. Add to that 30 hours free childcare per week for kids between 2-4 and the promise to get rid of those dodgy zero-hour contracts. Not to forget their intention of raising the living wage to £10 an hour by 2020.

The question everyone’s going to immediately ask is, how is all this going to be funded? You can’t just do all these banging things without having the funds to back it. This is where the income tax rise comes in for those earning over £80,000 a year to 45p and a 50p tax rate would be eligible for those earning £125,000 plus. Sounds pretty reasonable. They’ve also said they will charge companies paying staff over £300,000 2.5% on the earnings and 5% on those earning over £500,000. Labour has said this would raise around £4.6 billion, which they reckon would cover all of their plans.

A lot of people in the Labour party, supporters and MPs, are happy with what has been revealed in the manifesto. It gives an outlook of a different kind of Britain, and looks as though it would narrow the gap between the rich and poor in this country.  I mean pretty pivotal to all of this is that Corbyn has got the support of even the Chicken Connoisseur don, who when asked if who he would vote for this week said:

“(If I were to vote) Jeremy Corbyn, because he’s one of the few people who makes sense. He’s not sneaky, he’s just a regular guy saying, “It’s dumb spending too much money there, we should spend it here.” It’s all common sense.”

When asked if he’d take Jeremy to a chicken shop (even though he’s veggie) he said:

“Not sure if he has a local Bossman, but that’s a shout. Get a couple wings and chips, and chill.”

Happy days all round. Make sure you register to vote here by midnight on 22nd May!