News 17 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

The British government slyly passed a bill to spy on us

17 November 2016

Big Brother is watching.

In some genuinely quite scary news, the government quietly passed the Investigatory Powers Bill through the House Of Lords, and it could come into action within weeks.

It’s gives them an unprecedented ability to spy on the British people, with the only comparable regime coming from Russia and China.

The bill will give them access to all personal communications data and will require internet and phone providers to store all of their users phone and web activity for at least a year.

It will also give the police and security agencies the ability to legally bug a huge number of electronic devices, including your average smartphone.

Privacy International, a human rights watchdog agency, said, “They are comparable to a compilation of call records, postal records, library records, study and research records, social and leisure activity records and location records, and will additionally capture concerns about health, sexual and family issues.”