News 29 March 2023

Young British men warned to stay away from Amsterdam by council

29 March 2023

A new advertisement campaign from the council in Amsterdam has warned young British tourists to stay away.

Targeting 18-35 year olds from the UK, the campaign is part of a wider move to clean up the Dutch capital’s tourism reputation and move it away from sex and booze-filled lads holidays.

The ads will be aimed toward British internet users who are using search terms involving stag dos, pub crawls or cheap hotels relating to Amsterdam.

Over the years, British tourists have garnered a poor reputation, particularly in the Netherlands where locals complain about public urination, tourists stripping off, vomiting in their canals and getting into street fights.

The initiative warns that those getting involved in such activities could end up facing dire consequences, with the adverts portraying men being arrested.

The European city has become hugely popular with tourists in part due to its legal cannabis cafes and red light district.

However, critics have argued that the adverts are in fact discriminatory and that people of different ages and walks of life come to Amsterdam to enjoy the city.

[Image via Shutterstock]