News 23 December 2022
Author: Kafui Mensah

Brixton Academy to remain shut in light of tragedies at Asake gig

23 December 2022

In light of two deaths following a stampede last week at Asake’s Brixton Academy gig, the future of the iconic venue remains in the air.

Since the tragic incidents that took place saw the lives of two women – Rebecca Ikumelo, 33 and Gaby Hutchinson, 23 – lost due to stampedes to enter the venue, the venue has voluntarily remained closed.

However today, following Lambeth Council’s statement, doors have been ordered to remain shut until January 16th, journalist Robert Firth has reported.

According the Firth’s claims another hearing will commence on said date to determine the potential future of the venue and if need be any possible closures.

Following the incident, Scotland Yard have began the process of attempting to temporarily strip the venue of their license, with reason of “serious crime and disorder” during the Asake Gig.

The Metropolitan Police have stated “The decision whether or not to suspend or vary the premises licence will be made by a Local Authority Licensing Subcommittee.”

[Image via Shutterstock]