News 23 May 2023

Man transfers blood from his teenage son to stay young in controversial project

23 May 2023

Tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson, who has become known for his ambitious “Project Blueprint”, a plan to reverse the biological ageing process, has taken a controversial step in his latest attempt.

He recently disclosed that he subjected himself to a controversial treatment: transferring his teenage son’s blood into his own veins.

In his peculiar latest endeavour, which has seen him invest millions of dollars already, he enlisted the participation of both his 17-year-old son, Talmage and his 70-year-old father, Richard, for a unique “trigenerational blood transfusion” that involved turning a litre of their blood into plasma.

Studies involving blood plasma have been conducted on mice, but experts emphasise that the findings remain inconclusive.

Charles Brenner, a biochemist at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Los Angeles, cautioned against considering such procedures as a viable human treatment, stating, “We have not learned enough to suggest this is a viable human treatment for anything.”

Johnson’s endeavour to reverse the ageing process also incorporates a rigorous regimen of diet, sleep and exercise. However, the recent inclusion of unconventional practices, such as the blood transfusion, has raised eyebrows among the scientific community.

While Johnson’s pursuit continues to draw attention, it remains to be seen whether his unconventional methods will lead to significant advancements in the field of anti-aging or if they will remain as experimental outliers in the realm of human rejuvenation.

[Image via Instagram / @bryanjohnson_]