News 23 December 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Bryson Tiller helped out his local OAP’s in a big way

23 December 2016

You’re never too far gone to forget your roots.

Despite a monumental break out year as an international star for Bryson Tiller, he headed back to his hometown of Kentucky recently and helped out the local OAP’s.

Reports from local news station WDRB say that the “Exchange” singer surprised the local people by offering to pay for their Christmas grocery shopping.

Pensioner Joann Samuels was doing her shopping at her nearby Kroger store when she was approached by a “clean cut guy”. She recalled, “He said, ‘Why don’t you fill up that whole basket. I said, ‘What do you mean fill up the whole basket?’ He said, ‘Fill it up, and I’ll pay for it.’

“I was a little bit apprehensive, because you know, you can’t trust everyone nowadays,” she continued. “I said, ‘I just can’t believe this, I’ve never had this happen to me.’ And he said, ‘This is my way of giving back at Christmas time.’ And I said, ‘Are you an entertainer?’ He said, ‘Uh, something like that.'”

At a different store, more of the cashiers and the customers clocked on to just who was in the building. Jaron Alexander, an employee at a Pic Pac store said, “The whole store froze. Like, they turned and was just looking, and I’m like, ‘What’s everybody looking at?'”

Teenage customer Kendrick James confirmed, “I just looked over, and I just saw his face, and then I was like telling my mom and sister, ‘I think that’s Bryson Tiller.”

Good on Bryson Tiller for giving back to his community this Christmas.