News 8 December 2021
Author: Shan Selena

Here’s What Went Down At Bugzy Malone’s Headline Show in London Indigo O2

8 December 2021

As night fell on a crisp winter evening in central London, Manchester’s very own Bugzy Malone was set to take to the stage at O2 Indigo, on the penultimate night of his Resurrection tour before touching down in his hometown for one final blow out at Manchester’s AO Arena on December fourth where the tour will conclude. Having already shelled down several citywide arenas including Rock City Nottingham, O2 Academy Newcastle, Birmingham, and Bristol, Bugzy came fully charged ready to show his London crowd exactly what he was made of.

Inside the venue spirits were high all around, with the crowd bubbling- thrilled at the prospect of the highly anticipated arrival of the man himself. In the meantime, the audience were kept in good company, with a solid line up of special guests and a lively DJ set to fuel the hype that was filtering the room. Bugzy’s appearance in London had sparked rumours on who’d be blessing the stage prior to his emergence, and finally the wait was over.

As the lights dimmed over the stage, everyone assembled stage side ready for a wavey warm up set from fellow Manchester-based artist COMFY- who graced the stage with a selection of cold recitals of his hottest hits. Birmingham’s Miss Lafamilia came hot off the heels of the rapper. Safe to say she came to body her performance, making the most of her time on the stage with an energetic rendition of hits such as “Monsta” and “Letting Dem Know”- the crowd were loving it, with everyone up on their feet catching a vibe with Miss Lafamilia and her epic stage presence.

Bugzy’s arrival was now imminent, but just before proceedings got underway, highly talked about duo A1 x J1 were set to inject their trademark energies into the room, which included a memorable performance of their ground-breaking hit single “Latest Trends”- it goes down as a highlight, with everybody in the room singing back the infectious tune and raising the roof of the Indigo.

Finally, the moment had come for the main man to bless us with his appearance. The crowd were jostling, eager to get a glimpse of Bugzy upon his arrival onto stage. As the room descended into darkness, the room fell silent and the intense entrance music commenced and Bugzys face lit up the screen behind the stage and at that point “The Resurrection” backing music filled the room and Bugzy burst onto the stage reciting the tracks poignant lyrics. It seemed this was the perfect note for Bugzy to begin on, after two years of trials and tribulations the rapper was back on top form- equipped with the title track from his sophomore album.

From this point on, Bugzy has the crowd in awe, taking us on a journey of emotions throughout the night. There were too many stand out moments to count, as Bugzy brought the house down with his electrifying stage presence- shelling down the Indigo with energetic performances of both new and old hits.

It was incredible to share the room with Bugzy and witness him perform some of his older tracks to the crowd. The crowd burst into excitement upon hearing the opening of “Beauty and the Beast”- it certainly hit different in a live setting. A real goosebumps moment, seeing how far the Manchester rapper has come since.

The same can be said for “Memory Lane”-as Bugzy let off an emotional performance, with every single member of the audience singing the heartfelt lyrics back to the stage. It was in this moment that Bugzy expressed his gratitude to his fans, thanking every person for the support he had received in his career.

After a few solemn performances, the electric vibe was brought back in a dynamic recital of “War Mode” which saw the whole crowd fully charged with energy relishing in the feel-good atmosphere Bugzy had created in the venue.

Bugzy Malone touching down in London is definitely one for the history books, as we joined the iconic rapper for a stellar night of music and to celebrate his resurrection.