News 28 September 2021

Bumble Celebrate Black-Owned Businesses Providing Safe Places For People To Date With New Campaign

28 September 2021

To celebrate Black-owned small businesses that create safe and empowering places for people to date, dating app Bumble have launched a new campaign supported by Reggie YatesZeze Millz, and Stephanie Yeboah!

Dubbed #MyLoveIsBlackLove, the campaign will see Bumble team up with Metallic Inc to launch a new grant programme that will provide small businesses among those hit hardest by the Covid pandemic with £50,000.

In addition to the grant, Bumble and Black Owned London have also crated a Date Generator to make it easier to discover small black-owned businesses to visit on dates. Once you’ve entered the type of date you’d like, the generator will suggest both virtual and in-real-life ideas from over 40 businesses in the UK.

Bumble’s new campaign comes after their recent research found that 39% of Black British people were made to feel unwelcome on a date, while 30% were completely ignored and 25% experienced direct racism. The research also found that 57% of Black British have experienced racial bias on a date and almost half (48%) feel more accepted at Black-owned venues/spaces.

Naomi Walkland, Head of Bumble UK & Ireland said: “Dating, especially over the last year, is hard enough without having to experience anxiety, prejudice and racism. At Bumble, we believe that both online and offline empowering spaces are critical to healthy relationships and we want to celebrate Black-owned businesses across the UK that provide these spaces.  

“Last year, our #MyLoveisBlack campaign was about celebrating the breadth of Black British love, and this year, we’re taking it offline. Dating should be fun, not disempowering, and we are committed to supporting the Black community – whether its single people trying to find a date spot with the Date Generator; or small businesses with our Grants.

“This campaign supports the wider, all encompassing movement towards racial equality and equity, which Bumble is proud and committed to being a part of.