News 13 September 2020
Author: Kafui Mensah

Fines for driving in bus lanes, making illegal turns & more to be scrapped for first-time offenders

13 September 2020

In a new set of traffic laws, motorists are set to avoid fines for first-time offences for making one-off mistakes and slipping into bus lanes which is often due to unclear road markings.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling kicked off 2018 with great news for new drivers, announcing that motorists who use bus lanes would avoid fines for first-time offences. Chris said he was pushing for a “fair and balanced” system.

However, nothing was actioned and councils were able to earn over £59.2 million in profit from issuing bus lane fines.

Now Boris Johnson is set to change the system and has recommended that first-time offenders should face exemption from bus lane fines alongside other “moving traffic violations” such as making illegal turns, taking cars into cycle lanes and driving incorrectly in yellow box junctions.

Over the years these strict laws have been enforced by the police and make the council large amounts of money, but now local authorities will be forced to follow the one-off warning instead of issuing a fine.

Boris Johnson said, “We will issue guidance to local authorities, including the importance of ensuring the need for traffic signing to be properly designed and placed, so that it is clear to drivers what restrictions are in force. We propose that motorists be issued with a warning for a first offence and fines for subsequent offences.”