Videos 30 May 2021
Author: Oli Knight

Zeze Millz drafts in C Biz for new episode of ‘The Zeze Millz Show’

30 May 2021

Zeze Millz has had a year to remember so far, with the success of The Zeze Millz Show driving her into a position of undeniable fame as a social commentator.

Her recent drive-in show saw her flex in a Lamborghini before taking to the stage and showing once again why her infectious energy and penchant for hard-hitting topics is taking her right to the top.

C Biz has been releasing a string of bangers recently, most notably tracks such as “Obsession”, demonstrating that his rap career is far from over, and he is still very much capable of making a street anthem, despite his relative sabbatical since the heights of “The Game is Mine” in 2015.

This new episode of The Zeze Millz Show with C Biz maintains this streak for Zeze, with the episode offering a spirited conversation.

Topics range from C Biz’s status as a ‘bad boy’ rapper and if artists’ music is always a direct reflection of their own lives.

If one thing is for certain, neither Zeze nor C Biz will shy away from speaking their mind on these topics, and thus this episode promises some dramatic moments.

Make sure to check out what is sure to be another spicy episode of The Zeze Millz Show above.