News 28 July 2016
Author: Tinuke

Are Kanye West and Calvin Harris plotting a Taylor Swift diss track?

Author Tinuke
28 July 2016

It’s like the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian snakey movements all over again… Rumours have begun to circulate that Anti-Taylor Swift musicians Kanye West and Calvin Harris are going to join forces in the studio.

Calvin Harris recently told E! News that he wants to make music with Kanye down the road, and that he thinks Kanye is “brilliant with music”.

According to the report the feeling is very much mutual, with a close source to the Kardashians telling E! News that both Kanye and Kim are fans of Calvin’s work. Calvin certainly knows how to make a banging beat, and alongside Kanye’s lyricism the joining could be a classic.

Do we see a diss track coming? 

Kanye also made a surprise appearance with Drake on stage in Chicago last night, joining him on his and Future’s Summer Sixteen tour. He performed “Pop Style”, “Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1” and “Famous”, but most importantly commented on the recent revelations about Tay Tay.

“All I gotta say is, I am so glad my wife has Snapchat. And now y’all can know the truth. And can’t nobody talk shit about Ye no more,” he said, before of course getting the crowd to sing the opening lines of “Famous” for all the heavens to hear. 

Whether a collaboration will happen is yet to be confirmed, but we’re sure Taylor will be less than impressed.