News 18 March 2017
Author: Benji

Camberwell student offered £70,000 scholarship to Britain’s most prestigious school

Author Benji
18 March 2017

Camberwell student Joshua Adeyemi has been offered a £70,000 scholarship to Britain’s most prestigious school, Eton College, where Prince William and Harry attended. 

The 16-year-old studying his GCSEs, who currently attends Ark Glove Academy in South-East London, was hand-picked out of hundreds of A* applicants. 

Josh described the intense procedure he undertook at the college before securing his place where the likes of David Cameron and Boris Johnson studied, saying, “Between February sixth and the ninths, I was there to take three tests and do six interviews.

“They were all really rigorous. I arrived there and we had an hour to look around, then straight away we were doing a maths exam.”

Adeyemi received the news just three days, revealing he was “ecstatic to say the least,” and said, “But I was also a bit gutted because I made friends with other people while I was there, who I know didn’t get the offer, and who I really got on with.”

Josh’s chosen subjects are biology, geography, economics and politics, with the possibility of adding maths as a fifth A level.

It’s down to Josh now to come out of school with six As and a Grade 8 in English Language. An unbelievable achievement regardless!