News 25 June 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Breaking: A car has struck an Eid celebration in Newcastle

Author Trudy Barry
25 June 2017

Six people including three children have been injured today when a car drove through a crowd of people in Newcastle today.

The car mounted the kerb at around 9.15am outside Westgate Sports Centre where an event celebrating Eid was taking place.

Hundreds of people were attending the celebrations when the car struck the event. The drive, a 42-year-old woman, has been arrested.

One witness believes the woman had attended the event and lost control of her car as she was leaving. They told the BBC:

“From what I understand, [a woman who had been at prayer] was about to leave in her car and I believe she lost control. I ran up straight away because everyone was moving in on all the injured, trying to put water in their mouths. The parents of the kids were there, I had to sort of try and calm them down just to tell them the ambulance is there and they will take care of it; they know what they’re doing.

It caused a lot of panic; everyone was screaming when it happened, it wasn’t the best of experiences.”

One of the children struck is in a critical condition. Northumbria Police are currently not treating it as a terror attack.