News 12 March 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Caregivers caught doing paid online sex shows at work

Author Trudy Barry
12 March 2017

A number of caregivers working at a Caremark home in the Midlands have been using their work time to make money from online sex shows.

Footage of a 24-year-old worker has come to light featuring her puffing away on a vape pen and touching herself with her profile’s tagline reading “’Come keep me entertained at work guys x.” Mental.

Another video features the woman’s boss sitting in the same room, so we know this was a known thing to be happening by workers rather than just one girl. The women charged £2 for private shows after teasing viewers with close-up vids of their bodies.

Caremark owns a number of care homes around the country and has an annual turnover of around £60 million. However it has a reputation for low quality standards of care for its residents, so really this whole thing probably isn’t too surprising.

Caremark have been made aware of the situation but are refusing to comment at this time. The Care Quality Commission is currently investigating the franchise after a representative said the women’s behaviour was “completely unacceptable”.