News 20 October 2019

Cashh (Cashtastic) has returned to the UK

20 October 2019

The artist formerly known as Cashtastic is back on British shores!
Following five long years spent in Jamaica after the artist was deported against his will, Cashh has returned to the UK.

Cashh moved to the UK from Jamaica aged 6 and was accused by the UK Border Agency of not having correct immigration documentation.

In an interview in 2014, Cashh said, “I’m born in Jamaica but the UK’s my home. What I need is for something to be done so I can return properly and get some form of justice. Everything is just a culture shock. It’s nothing to what I expected, it’s like me going to Japan or something. It’s literally me going to somewhere I’ve got no knowledge of”.

In a video posted to his Twitter and Instagram, the artist documents his flight back to Heathrow and his arrival in London after a long time away.
In the video, Cashh says, “no games, I’m ready to take this shit to a whole different level”.
Check out the video below.

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Several artists have celebrated Cashh’s return including Steel Banglez, Ambush, Lisa Mercedez and Krept.
Check out some Twitter reactions below.

As we wait for new music from Cashh, check out the visuals to “Privacy”, his last GRM drop, here.